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IMPORTANT: Read before purchasing!

Similar to any reputable business, our goal is to deliver top-notch service and product experiences to our customers. Given the unique nature of our software, it’s crucial for you, as the customer, to be informed about both what you can anticipate from us and what is expected from you.

By incorporating this page into our Terms of Service, we ask that you read and agree to it for the benefit of all parties involved.


What specifics do you need to Check?

  1. Exercise caution in your purchase! Please note that we do not sell Adobe software; our product is highly specialized custom software.

  2. Ensure that no other anti-cheat systems are causing obstructions. These systems may function similarly to antivirus software and must be uninstalled before proceeding.

  3. Uninstall or disable ALL antivirus software, including Windows Defender and any third-party applications.

  4. Ensure that your Windows version is a common type (Home, Pro) and not something different like Enterprise, Education, or Insider.

  5. Ensure that your Windows version is supported! 

  6. Protect your HWID from changing!
  • Ensure you have no plans to change any hardware components, including hard drives, screens, or external USB drives, etc.
  • Turn off Windows auto-update.
  • Use the keys exclusively on the PC intended for gaming; avoid testing them on any other computer.
  • Avoid activating keys on public computers, such as those in internet cafes.

7. Ensure that all exploit protection is disabled.

8. Verify whether secure boot must be disabled.

9. Verify once again whether virtualization is required or not.

10. Ensure optimal software performance by updating to the latest dependencies.

11. In certain cases, ensure that Discord overlay is enabled.

What exactly are game hacks and cheats?

The game must be “enhanced” in order to provide you with some functions, such as boxes around your adversaries or having the mouse automatically aim at your enemy’s head while he is moving. These choices are not available through the game’s usual features.

Our program will “add” these features, allowing you to implement any function feasible straight in the game. 

This implies that every time the game is updated, our software must be updated as well! This is completely beyond our control! 

We update the status page and alert everyone on the Discord server whenever there is an update. Please do not complain! This is a disadvantage because we are entirely dependent on the game.

Anti-cheat systems

Most multiplayer games nowadays include or rely on anti-cheat software. Battleye, Easy Anti-cheat, FACEIT, and Vanguard are some well-known names, but there are many more. Each one acts as anti-virus software, preventing illegal access to the game files.

This is a cat-and-mouse game, since each time they limit access to our software, our developers strive to find a workaround, making it a perpetual struggle for both parties. Over the last year, anti-cheat systems have significantly improved their ability to work at lower levels, which has resulted in numerous pieces of software now running at very low levels as well.

As an example, Vanguard is now executing on Raid 0, the lowest non-kernel level of your operating system. They literally have virtually total access to everything on your PC and are continually running, even when you are not playing Valorant.

This is SO invasive that it goes above and beyond what many anti-virus programs do, and because its main purpose is essentially the same as an anti-virus, it will stop practically any hack that attempts to inject itself into a game, even if it is for a completely other game!  

Why do I have to turn off all anti-virus software?

First and foremost, our program is free of malware and viruses!

As previously stated, many anti-cheat programs operate in a manner similar to anti-virus software, examining everything from binaries to your computer’s memory.

 In order to continue functioning, our program must employ many methods to escape detection. For example, they must be able to read game memory and inject files into certain directories without being detected by a continually scanning system. How do we go about it?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the behavior we just described sounds eerily similar to that of a trojan infection. 

When you download our hacks, the first thing any anti-virus software will do is scan the file (which is quite normal). However, given the nature of our trickery, the anti-virus will immediately presume it is a virus and take action, such as deleting, blocking, or disabling sections of it.

This is why you should turn off ALL anti-virus software! If you are not at ease with this, we ask that you refrain from considering game hacks, since it is a must for ALL cheats! 


Why is the Windows type so critical?

Individuals or small teams with limited time and resources write the majority of our software. They are unable to account for every exception, therefore they concentrate on “mainstream” items such as the most regularly used Windows 10 varieties, such as Home and Pro. 

Any other Windows kind may function, but it is NOT SUPPORTED and hence may not work, so please keep this in mind before purchasing!

Everyone has Windows 10, which is why your version is important!

According to Microsoft, we will now stay to Windows 10, although your PC is on a certain version to show how many updates you have gotten. When this version is updated, it signifies there have been major changes. Because our software is continually being updated to accommodate these changes, a newer version may not be supported at all times!

It is critical to check your Windows version before purchasing anything that could not be compatible!

Your HWID is solely your responsibility!

The program is all HWID bound. You can read more about HWID in the handbook, but fundamentally it boils down to the fact that keys are not permitted to be shared, and this is how the software secures it. A PC’s HWID should never change.

In the unlikely event that this occurs, we will try our best to rectify it as soon as possible, but this is NOT A GUARANTEE! It might be that your key expires before it is reset, or that the developer is too busy to take 10 minutes to manually reset your key. 

A reset is a service, not a right! Please bear this in mind IF you want it, and do not ask for reimbursements for things that are entirely your responsibility! 

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