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How do hack statuses work?

There may have been frequent references to the state of hacking. However, what is it? And why is this mattering so much?

Something like this could be seen on the status page:


This is a complete list of every kind of hack we provide, along with the relevant status on the right.

The following are represented by each status:





SAFE. Feel free to use

NOT SAFE. Sometimes the hack is still usable but not advised as it may be detectable or not function at all.

NOT SAFE. The hack is temporarily down.

NOT SAFE. The hack is down for a longer period of time.

How often should I review the latest status updates?

You should only need to check before making your purchase.

In our Discord server we announce updates so you always get any changes as notification.


The website displays any status updates from the Discord channel as well.


My hack was purchased, but it was updated. How should I proceed?

Please be aware that depending on the game, these are 100% hacks. In order for our hacks to remain functional and prevent detection, they must be updated whenever the game is updated. This implies that we have no control over when to update hackers!

Please think about this before voicing your concerns. We simply alter the status for your own wellbeing; we don’t modify it from working for enjoyment.

When will the hack be updated?

Regretfully, we are never able to predict when an update will arrive. 

Every hack is quite particular, and it will be impacted by even the smallest changes made to the game.

This is true not only for the game but also for other dependencies, such Battleye and EAC, which are anti-cheap applications.

Don’t bombard people with requests to know when a cheat is updated. We always notify you as quickly as we can!

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