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Various kinds of bans

Everyone is aware that there are several reasons why a game may ban you.

The most serious one is definitely hacking or cheating, since it violates the core rules of the game and is always met with a permanent ban!

Well, if you’re discovered.

System bans

Most games include anti-cheat features. Steam games frequently rely on the VAC.

These anti-cheat measures scan and monitor your PC, usually while the game is running, to detect anti-cheat software. When such software is detected, you are immediately and permanently banned.

When we talk about undetected cheats, we mean that no anti-cheat system can detect them.

Target bans

Hacks allow you to do things that should not be possible. Think about a speed hack which allows you to run way faster than normally possible. Or the aimbot ensures you always hit a headshot.

Even though the hack is not detectable systematically, many of these hack options can be a giveaway to another player.

If they see you racing over map, sitting in a flying car and only hitting headshots, its very obvious you using hacks. They can then report this to the game. When you receive significant reports, a moderator can start looking into your account. Whenever they see something extraordinary then can conclude you “must” be hacking, and give you a manual ban.

Late target bans

Many players are envious, therefore they just report their opponents if they are superior. They do, however, pile up, and as you play more, you will accumulate reports.

You may reach a tipping point and be investigated by a moderator. This is frequently after a match when you go AFK. When a moderator determines that you were hacking, he can impose a ban while you are gone. When you log in again, you are blacklisted, which may appear to you as if you did nothing wrong. This is due to previous actions on your part.


What triggers a manual check?

Unfortunately, the game makers are keeping quiet about it (for obvious reasons) in order not to reveal too much information.

However, it might be a combination of things such as:

  • Other players’ reports
  • Unusual behavior on a certain account
  • Suspicious behavior on a certain HWID
  • Suspicious activities on a certain IP address

Suspicious activity can be another range of things such as:

  • Hacking tools such as CheatEngine were discovered on the PC.
  • A prior ban was issued from the same IP address or HWID.
  • A fresh new account is destroying gamers who have played the game for 1000+ hours.
  • Logins with a huge number of distinct accounts in a certain time frame

A check does not inevitably result in a ban, but it does indicate that they will closely watch your activities and may periodically check to see if they find anything.

This implies that even the smallest error might result in a suspension.

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