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Dealing with HWID bans

What is a HWID ban?

A HWID ban occurs when the game not only bans your gaming account, but also your whole PC. The game will scan your PC and create a unique code based on the components and settings of your PC to verify that you are you.

This code is known as a HWID (Hardware IDentifier) and is specific to your computer. When someone uses the game and detects the identical HWID, they may either limit your access to the game or instantly ban your fresh new account.

How to avoid a HWID ban?

There are several methods to get blacklisted. A HWID ban, on the other hand, is normally imposed if you are found hacking many times. However, this is not always the case. Some games, such as Escape From Tarkov and Valorant, have been known to offer it on the first offense.

Fortunately, we provide HWID spoofers (changers) that can mimic your HWID, so even if you get a HWID ban, you can still play on your PC without swapping a bunch of hardware.


Shadow Defender

When you apply a hack, the HWID spoofer alone may not be enough to assure that no traces are left on your PC. To avoid detection, a complete PC reformat is frequently required.

However, reinstalling everything each time you want to play legally after using a hack may be incredibly inconvenient, since it is both time consuming and plain frustrating.

We suggest checking out Shadow Defender, which may be found at It is a program that ensures no traces are left on your computer and allows you to switch between hacking with spoofer and playing legally without it.

This is reasonably priced and is used by numerous of our internal testers as well as many others.

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